Applied Microeconomics, Workshop 2014-2015


Meetings take place on  Monday,14:15-15:30 ,Berglas Building, room  101

Workshop Organizers: Analia Schlosser

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Diego Ubfal (Dept. of Economics, Bocconi University) ♦♦ "How General are Time Preferences? Eliciting Good-Specific Discount Rates" 




Marco Manacorda (Qeen Mary University of London and LSE)  ♦♦♦ "Politics in the Family: Nepotism and the Hiring Decisions of Italian Firms?" (with Stefano Gagliarducci)




Victor Lavy (Dep. Of Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) ♦♦♦ “On The Origins of the Gender Human Capital Gap: Short and Long Term Effect of Teachers’ Stereotypes” (joint with Edith Sand)



Naomi Hausman  (Dept. of Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)  and Kurt Lavetti   (The Ohio State University) ♦♦♦ "State Non-compete Laws and the Market for Physician Services"




Nir Levy (Brookdale Institute) ♦♦♦ "Causal Analysis of Employment Programs"



Shanker Satyanath  (New York University) ♦♦♦ "Bowling for fascism: social capital and the rise of the Nazi Party in Weimar Germany, 1919-1933" (joint with Nico Voigtlaender (UCLA), Hans Joachim Voth (University of Zurich))

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Reserved job market



Reserved job market



Assaf Zimring (Dept. of Economics, University of Michigan)  ♦♦♦ "Testing the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Theory with a Natural Experiment: Evidence from the West Bank"





Daniel Paserman (Dept. of Economics, Boston University) ♦♦♦ "Three-generation Mobility in the United States, 1850-1940: The Role of Maternal and Paternal Grandparents" (joint with Claudia Olivetti and Laura Salisbury)




Esteban Klor (Dept. of Economics,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ) ♦♦♦ "Party Hacks and True Believers: The Effect of Party Affiliation on Political Preferences"




Oren Rigbi (Ben-Gurion University) ♦♦♦ "The Right to Counsel: Bene…finsts and Costs"




​Giacomo De Giorgi (ICREA-MOVE, Barcelona GSE and UAB)  ♦♦♦ “Moral Hazard in the Credit Market”  (joint with A. Drenik and E. Seira)





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