Macro Labor Reading Group 2014-2015


Meetings take place on Monday, 10:00-11:00, Berglas Building, room 101

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Tanya Baron “Income Inequality and Consumption inequality”. More Information >

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Avihay Lifshitz “Labor Market Fluidity and Economic Performance” by Davis & Haltiwanger



Shlomi Ben Yehuda  



Efraim Weizman  “Tranching,CDS, and Asset Prices: How Financial Innovation Can Cause Bubbles and Crashes” by Fostel and Geanakoplos (2012). Morel Information >



Andrey Perlin ♦♦ "Credit Constraints in Education" ,Lance Lochner and Alexander Monge-Naranjo. More Information >

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►23.03.15   The meeting will take place in room 008

Tanya Baron ♦♦♦ Jaimovich and Siu (2014) “The trend is the cycle: Job polarization and Jobless recoveries”

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Andrey Perlin  ♦♦♦  "What should I be when I grow up? Occupations and unemployment over the life-cycle" (By Chaimovich, Gervais, Siu and Yedid-Levy)

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Avihay Lifshitz  ♦♦♦ TBA



Pavel Jelnov  ♦♦♦ Gregor Jarosch “Searching for Job Security and the Consequences of Job Loss”, (2014)

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Shlomi Ben Yehuda  ♦♦♦ TBA



Efraim Weizman ♦♦♦ TBA



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